- Covid Debt Problems -
How Can We Help?

In South Florida and throughout the country, we are well into mandatory social distancing and quarantines. The associated disruption of our lives and businesses is nothing anyone has experience in our collective lifetimes. The by-product of the COVID-19 pandemic and health crisis is an unparalleled economic crisis. This is a scary and unsettling time for everyone. Whether life as we lived pre-pandemic returns or we adjust to changes at work, home and in our social interactions, we are all focusing on what this means for our families, our businesses or both. You and your small business may be facing unplanned economic hardships. At Kaniuk Law Office, we can help determine and implement a path forward recovery.

Five Tips for Dealing with Personal or Business Debt Problems:

  • Don’t Panic: Everyone is facing the same COVID-19 Health Crisis and Business Problems 
  • Safety First: Your First Priority Should Be the Health and Safety of You and Your Family as well as Your Employees and Customers and Clients
  • Review Your Situation: Organize Your Legal, Financial & Insurance Documents
  • Conserve Cash & Plan for the Worst: This Applies to Your Individual and Business Finances 
  • Call and Meet with Your Attorney, CPA, & Insurance Agent 

Do You Need Legal Solutions Due to the COVID Crisis?​

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