Foreclosure Defense​

Designing A Strong Foreclosure Defense

At Kaniuk Law our foreclosure defense attorneys act aggressively to protect our clients from losing their homes to foreclosure. Our attorneys treat each client as an individual and effectively leverage their knowledge and experience to craft individually customized strategies.

Foreclosure Defense Solutions

The methods our attorneys use to stop foreclosure include:

Mortgage modifications: Mortgage lenders have programs available to help people modify their mortgages, but they make it difficult for homeowners to get the modification. Our lawyers have successfully gotten our clients modifications that have lowered their interest rates, extended their payments, eliminated interest arrears and some principal, and put the past due payments into the mortgage.

Mortgage mediation: The Florida courts have a mortgage mediation program that allows people who are facing foreclosure to meet with the lender and an impartial mediator to try to find a solution to their mortgage-related problem. We have extensive mediation experience and have been successful in getting favorable results for our clients.

Violations of truth in lending laws: Your mortgage lender may have violated truth in lending laws when your mortgage was issued. This fact may lead to a successful resolution of the foreclosure and let you keep your real estate. Our attorneys have used truth in lending laws to successfully defend foreclosure actions.

Servicing violations: The law requires mortgage servicers to follow certain rules for servicing your loan and allowing you to modify your loan. We have successfully sued mortgage servicers and defended mortgage foreclosures based on these servicing abuses.

Bankruptcy: If you are financially distressed overall, filing bankruptcy (Chapter 7 or Chapter 13) is an effective way to stop foreclosure immediately and buy you time to resolve an “upside-down” or “underwater” mortgage problem.

Short sale: If you have exhausted other methods for saving your home, a short sale can help you walk away from your home without mortgage obligations. In a short sale, your lender may agree to accept proceeds short of what is owed as “payment in full” of the remaining balance of your mortgage. This prevents a foreclosure. Our attorneys assist clients in negotiating short sales.

Deed in lieu of foreclosure: The lender may accept a deed in lieu of foreclosure, taking the property back from you without going through the foreclosure process. We will negotiate with the lender on your behalf and work to ensure that any agreement provides the maximum level of benefit for you.
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Foreclosure Defense


Ron Kaniuk is the Founder and Managing Partner of Kaniuk Law Office, P.A.

For more than 25 years, he has and continues to represent individual and business clients throughout the State of Florida.

Ron is an “old school” general practitioner who keeps up with practice innovations and technological advancements and focuses his practice on representing individuals and small business owners.

For his individual clients, Ron uses the legal system to solve a wide range of financial problems. He helps these clients with debt management, debt negotiation, small claims debt litigation, foreclosure defense, and Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies. He also co-counsels matters with other attorneys in the areas of real estate, personal injury, immigration, and estate planning and probate.


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