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Starting a new company requires a great deal of strategic planning prior to opening for business. There can be several important legal issues that need to be addressed, and the process can become quite complex. Having an experienced business attorney involved from the start can help to ensure that you have a strong foundation upon which to build your business.

Kaniuk Law represents businesses of all sizes and across all industries in a broad range of business law matters. From choosing the right type of business entity to resolving business disputes, we have the experience to help you navigate any business law issue.

Representing Businesses Throughout Florida

When you hire our firm, we work diligently to learn everything possible about your industry, your product or service, and any special circumstances that need to be considered in the formation of your company. We work to ensure that all the parts are in place so that your business is set up for success.
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Among the Business Law Services Provided By Our Firm Are the Following:

Creating a business entity, including sole proprietorships, corporations, general partnerships, limited partnership formation, limited liability partnership (LLP) and limited liability company (LLC) formation.

Drafting and review of contracts and agreements, including employment agreements, confidentiality agreements, noncompete agreements, vendor contracts and compensation agreements.

Business dispute resolution and litigation, including partnership disputes, shareholder disputes and contract disputes.

Incorporating Business and Corporate Law

In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, businesses and entrepreneurs experience legal challenges that significantly impact success and longevity. As a legal firm specializing in business and corporate law, we offer a comprehensive range of services to meet the growing needs of companies.

Kaniuk Law focuses on critical business and corporate law, providing a roadmap of legal support that protects our client’s interests and facilitates growth. Here are some key service areas for business and corporate law:

Entity Structure and Formation:

Selecting the proper business structure is the foundation for any enterprise. Whether it’s a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), or corporation, for every type of implication for liability, taxation, and management, Kaniuk law provides legal guidance to ensure clients select the structure that best aligns with business goals and personal liability tolerance.

Ownership Agreements:

A comprehensive and transparent ownership agreement is vital for businesses with multiple owners or partners. This agreement determines how profits are shared, decisions are made, and what happens if any partner leaves the company. Kaniuk Law provides personalized legal advice when creating these agreements to prevent disagreements and ensure smooth business operations.

Client and Vendor Agreements:

Clear agreements are essential for successful business relationships between clients and vendors. These contracts must state terms of service, payment, delivery, and dispute resolution. Kaniuk Law firm provides legal expertise in contract law to help companies draft agreements that protect interests and reduce the risk of litigation.

Employment Law:

Navigating the complexities of employment law is a challenge for many small businesses. From creating employment agreements to knowing the rights and responsibilities of employees, we offer legal support in this area. This includes guidance on wage laws, employee benefits, workplace safety, and discrimination laws.

Intellectual Property Protection:

Nowadays, protecting your business’s ideas and creations, known as intellectual property (IP), is essential. This includes things like trademarks, copyrights, and patents, and it helps keep your brand strong and competitive. Kaniuk’s legal guidance can help ensure your intellectual property is adequately protected.

Regulatory Compliance:

Meeting all the rules and laws set by the government might feel overwhelming for small businesses. Different local, state, and federal authorities cover areas like the environment, consumer protection, and specific regulations for various industries. Kaniuk’s legal support can assist businesses in understanding and following these regulations, preventing fines and legal issues.

Mergers and Acquisitions:

Businesses looking to expand or merge may want or need help understanding the legal aspects of mergers and acquisition agreements. This involves looking closely at the details, negotiating, creating agreements, and ensuring everything follows governmental codes. With Kaniuk’s legal expertise, these transactions can happen smoothly, ensuring the best possible outcomes for future success.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation:

Despite best efforts, disputes and litigation are sometimes inevitable in business. Having attorneys like those from Kaniuk Law Office is crucial to protect companies’ interests. They can handle negotiations, arbitration, and, if required, litigation in a lawful manner.

Corporate Governance:

Corporate Governance is essential for larger businesses and corporations. Kaniuk’s legal guidance encompasses board structure, duties, policies, and balancing the interests of a company’s stakeholders. This ensures that the company operates ethically and by legal and regulatory standards.

Customized Legal Solutions:

Every business is different, they each experience various legal needs. Kaniuk Law Office can create unique solutions that fit each company’s needs. Whether starting a new business or a big one with complicated details, having attorneys who understand your situation is critical.

Kaniuk Law Office and its founder, Ronald (Ron) Scott Kaniuk, are knowledgeable and indispensable partners in your business journey. They are well-equipped to face any legal challenges with you and provide support for the highest success in the competitive business world.