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Legal Help for the Small Business Owner

Anyone who owns a small business knows that it all falls on them. When I say all, I mean all. From paying bills to getting business, to filling the coffee pot, and so on. It all goes with the territory. However, there is one job business owners should not attempt – being their own lawyer. I suppose there could be an exception if you went to law school, passed the bar, and are licensed to practice law. Short of that, a small business owner should not be their own attorney. Business owners need a lawyer. And they should develop a close relationship with their lawyer.

Why is a lawyer important?

First, a good lawyer can serve as an advisor. Too often, people only think of calling a lawyer when there is trouble or when dealing with some significant problem. As examples, these problems could range from a breach of contract from a customer or vendor or somebody getting hurt from using one of your products. In other words, business owners will only call a lawyer when there is a dispute that may require litigation. So, think about it a little differently. Wouldn’t it be a great resource to have a lawyer on call? Imagine picking up the phone to ask simple questions or picking the brain of an experienced attorney who knows you and your business. Maybe you have a new opportunity, contract question, a collection issue, a new idea, or an operational concern. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who gets it?

Build Your Team

Find a lawyer and put him or her on your team. That’s what we do for Kaniuk Law’s business clients. We help throughout all phases of the company’s life cycle. From entity formation to day-to-day legal issues, all the way up to executing an exit strategy. These clients often view us as extended members of their management and executive teams. And we treat them like we are a part of their organization by working tirelessly on their behalf and caring about their success.

We do know that all business owners need a lawyer at one point or another. However, we urge business owners to develop a relationship with a trusted lawyer with the goal of the lawyer becoming a member of your team. You not only need it, but you also deserve it.

Perhaps, we can develop such a relationship. We judge our successes based upon the success of our clients. The first step is to have a call so we can learn about you and your business. And ask about our business concierge services.

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