Young Snowbirds

Young Snowbirds are Coming to South Florida

As winter is hitting the north, we continue to enjoy the beautiful weather in South Florida. Also, we are getting our yearly influx of snowbirds. Like clockwork, thousands upon thousands of retirees come here to escape the cold weather. However, this year is different. In addition to retirees, young snowbirds are coming to South Florida. This trend is driven by the pandemic and the ability to work from home. According to one report, young snowbirds are responsible for approximately 25% of real estate transactions in Miami.

Not Just for Your Grandparents

South Florida is booming. Sure, the weather is a major attraction but there is so much more for younger people. We have the beach, culture, nightlife, great restaurants, and no state income tax. Obviously, these benefits attract young snowbirds. Besides snowbirds, we are also seeing many people from all demographics, including young professionals, relocating to Florida. According to state projections, this trend is expected to continue well into the future. For example, it is estimated that Florida will gain 845 new residents per day until 2025.

Legal Assistance

As a lawyer in South Florida, I help the traditional snowbird with all sorts of legal matters. These clients have found it helpful to know a lawyer should the need arise during the winter months. I assist them with real estate – buying, selling or renting; debt issues; business matters; and estate planning. Anyway, it is also a good idea for young snowbirds to know a local lawyer. Such a relationship with an attorney could prove to an invaluable resource before the occurrence of a problem or opportunity. Somebody who knows the local landscape and the law. Plus, somebody with a large local network to steer you in the right direction for your other needs.

I am here to help so feel free to reach out. Meanwhile, welcome to South Florida!

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