Anniversary of the Coronavirus Pandemic

1-Year Anniversary of the Coronavirus Pandemic

This week, we mark the 1-Year Anniversary of the Coronavirus Pandemic in the United States.  I have to confess, that when news was first overseas, I wasn’t really paying attention.  But very quickly, the situation got real for all of us here.

I have 3 kids—and my 2 sons are HUGE sports fans.  The seriousness and reality of the virus hit them when the NBA suspended play, the NCAA cancelled March Madness, and the International Olympic Committee postponed the Summer Olympics.

For me, I still did not have a lot of information about COVID-19 and the pandemic. I certainly did not see the unofficial quarantine that would ensue in Florida. As an attorney who was involved in Consumer Law issues during the Great Recession of 2008, I watched with apprehension as news spread about the havoc COVID-19 could wreck on our world.

Over the past year, we watched several spikes and an increase of cases and fatalities.   Summer camps were cancelled.  Children have struggled with remote learning and have yet to fully return to in-person schooling.  We have witnessed the heroism of our frontline workers—both in health care and service industries.

One Year Later

Now, one year later, we have hope for a return to normalcy.  Multiple versions of a vaccine are being widely distributed with promises of substantially more vaccines on the way (I got my first shot last week!).  Other key metrics such as numbers of infections, hospitalizations and deaths all seem to be on a decline. This is good news indeed.

However, the financial pain and uncertainty persists for far too many Floridians.  The eviction and foreclosure moratoriums have mostly expired or will soon reach their expiration dates. And for the short-term, many will be getting a stimulus check from President Biden’s American Rescue Plan. This money will provide immediate financial assistance for individuals That said, on the 1-Year Anniversary of the Coronavirus Pandemic, it is not enough. There are still too many facing economic hardship and collapse.

Financially speaking, I feel the worst is still to come. Therefore, I remain committed to help those facing these tremendous burdens. Please contact me to discuss your personal and/or business financial issues. I will give you a free consultation to learn about your situation. From there, we can chart a path forward together.

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