Bankruptcy Brackets

Ron’s Bankruptcy Brackets – Are You Ready?

Have some fun by playing Ron’s Bankruptcy Brackets. In these crazy times, we matched a Florida city with a key bankruptcy term. So play along, win a prize, it is free. You can download a bracket by clicking here.

The Rules

Simply download a bracket, fill it out and send it here.

  1. No skills are required.
  2. Winners advance with a flip of a coin – lower seeds are heads and higher seeds are tails.
  3. Points double in each successive round. For example, in Round 1, each correct pick is worth 1 point. 2 points in Round 2, 4 points in Round 3 and so forth.
  4. Prizes awarded to top 3 point earners.
  5. Fill out as many as you want.

The Schedule

  • Round 1 (March 19 & 20) – 1 point for each correct pick
  • Round 2 (March 21 & 22) – 2 points for each correct pick
  • Round 3 (March 27 & 28) – 4 points for each correct pick
  • Round 4 (March 29 & 30) – 8 points for each correct pick
  • Round 5 (April 3) – 16 points for each correct pick
  • Round 6 ( April 5) – 32 points

The deadline to play Ron’s Bankruptcy Brackets is midnight (EST) on March 18th. So, get your brackets in!

And, follow your brackets on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We will post the “winning” teams after each Round.

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